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  • Child-friendly
  • Flexible times
  • Small group training
  • Affordable alternative
  • Guaranteed fun!

You’ve just had a baby (huge congratulations!) or maybe your kids are a little older, and you’re flat out busy with no time for you.

You remember how good exercise felt, and you’d love to get back into it – to get a little fitter, feel a little stronger, become a little healthier (and regain your pre-baby body). But with such little time for you, how’s it going to be possible?

Prams in the Park makes it possible!

My group training sessions run five days a week with flexible start times so you’re bound to find a session that suits. Even more importantly, kids are welcome, so child care isn’t an issue!

Prams in the Park personal trainers – qualified in pre and post-natal fitness – ensure you exercise safely, while gaining maximum results. Before too long, you’ll be stronger, fitter and healthier beyond your expectations. You’ll be amazed at how much – and how swiftly – your body can transform.

So what do you say? Isn’t it time you did something for you?!

Click here for your free trial session or call Martine on 0411 527 465 to make an enquiry.

Training overview

Training style

  • My circuit style sessions are strength based, with a generous hit of cardio to really ramp up the intensity and round out a perfect workout.
  • All equipment is provided – weights, fitballs, boxing gloves, skipping ropes, mats and all the interesting gear to keep sessions exciting.
  • We focus on re-training your muscles that relaxed and weakened during nine months of pregnancy, plus those parts of the body that will continue to feel the pressure (through constant bending and lifting of little ones!).
  • The circuit style lets you work at your own pace, and while it’s group exercise, I work with you closely, modifying exercises to match your fitness level. This ensures you’re training safely and at your correct level for optimal results.
  • You’ll be challenged in every session. Weights will get heavier, reps will increase, runs will go further. It’ll hurt (in a good way) on some – or most – days, but the benefits come back tenfold.

Get in and get out!

  • Time is of the essence, so I keep class sizes small, focused and constantly moving.
  • My workouts get major muscle groups firing, so you burn a load of calories both during and (for a long time) after, your workout. And I shake it up a LOT. So you don’t get bored and your muscles can’t get complacent.

It’s about the kids too!

  • Kids love the sessions too, and why wouldn’t they? They get to meet other kids, run around in the fresh air and are exposed to only one of the biggest health benefits – fitness.
  • Kids follow their parents’ lead, so if they see exercise as something good for Mum and Dad, they’ll most likely take an interest in it too. Being exposed from a young age will give them a great head start for a fit future.

It’s not all a tough slog

  • The social aspect of Prams in the Park is amazing. Chat with other mums, laugh, empathise and sympathise! You’ll gain a wider social network and the chance to feel part of something really great.

Click here for your free trial session or call Martine on 0411 527 465  to make an enquiry.