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Do you dream of running in a fun run – or even a marathon? Just imagine the moment you cross the finish line – the sense of triumph and satisfaction you’d feel!

But are you held back because you can’t run further than your letterbox? Not sure how to start training for a running event?

Start right here!

My six week Fun Run Training program is designed for complete beginners. It’s perfect for you if you’ve never run, or if it’s been a while and you want to get back into it. Whether your sights are set on competing, or you just want to learn proper running technique and increase fitness/lose weight/improve health, this program is for you!

What will I learn?

My aim is for you to develop strong ‘running fitness’ which means you’ll be running further and faster, with less effort. To achieve this, you’ll learn correct running technique; but just as importantly, I’ll help you build strength in all the key places – core, legs and glutes.

I’ll have you running between 5 and 10 kilometres by the end of the program. Beyond that, your dreams are there for the taking. If you keep training after the program, you’ll reach your ultimate goal of competing in that half marathon or marathon.

Where and when:

Central Park, Malvern East at various stages throughout the year.
We train three times a week, for 45mins to an hour (before your day gets started, so other things can’t get in the way!)

Success can be yours. Click here to register your interest for the next program!