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Committed to your health but always short of time? Got some weight to lose or strength to gain? Do you want REAL results?

These intense sessions give you an optimal workout for improved strength, fitness and endurance. Plus, they’re designed to get fast results in a short space of time.

Starting at 6am, these powerful 45 minute sessions focus on specific results through two styles:

1. Boxing/Cardio

Unleash your inner Ali and shed the kilos in this highly energetic, drill based, full body workout. Inspired by boxing and kickboxing drills, I’ll have you punching, kicking and uppercutting your way to an amazing start to the day.


  • You’ll learn correct boxing and kickboxing techniques and once mastered, you will be pushed and you will work hard. In turn, you’ll burn fat, improve cardio fitness and strength and, as an added bonus, maybe relieve a bit of stress!
  • The combination of boxing and cardio, plus some of my signature strength training thrown in, elevates your heart rate and burns loads of calories.
  • You’ll boost agility and endurance levels through sprint drills, running and skipping.
  • Fantastic for beginners to athletes, as each exercise is tailored to your fitness level.


2. Strength Circuit

Weight lifting and body weight exercises guarantee a total body workout. Correct form and technique are taught, and once you’re skilled and exercising safely, weights will start to increase and training will intensify.


  • Your body will be stronger, which is the key to carrying out everyday functions. Heavy lifting becomes easier, stamina increases and overall energy and fitness levels significantly improve.
  • You’ll increase muscle mass through strength training, which boosts the metabolism and in turn, burns fat. It’s the most effective way to shed those unwanted kilos and become leaner.
  • Each session is varied and all muscles – major and minor – are fully fired, so you feel the burn and get a complete workout.
  • Bottom line – you will be fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier!

Where and When?

Central Park, Malvern East or my Malvern studio (depending on time of year and weather).

Sessions currently running on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You choose which days and how many. Most clients attend two or three days each week.

There’s no better way to start the day, so Click here for your free trial, or call Martine on 0411 527 465 to make an enquiry.