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Do you have to have children to train with Prams In The Park?

No! Although initially established as a workout for women with young children, through demand and growth we now cater to dads, aunts, uncles, friends…anyone!

Do I have to be fit?

No! That’s what we’re here for. During your first session our qualified trainers will assess your fitness and strength and ensure that you not only train within your capabilities but that you work towards your fitness goals.

Note that all post-pregnancy participants must have had their post-natal or 6 week check-up and been given medical clearance to commence/resume exercise.

What if I have never trained before?

That’s ok. We are qualified personal trainers who will teach you proper form and weight training techniques.

What if I have an injury?

As qualified trainers we are equipped to train with injury, however if we feel your injury requires specialist training we will recommend an alternative training arrangement.

What should I bring?

Please make sure you bring water for yourself and whatever you need for any children you may bring – we suggest a picnic rug, a couple of toys and perhaps morning tea.

What if my baby cries?

Not only are we fully qualified trainers, we are expert pram rockers, baby huggers and child entertainers. We totally understand that at times your baby or child needs a cuddle, so of course we don’t mind if you take time out to comfort your child.