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I have been a successful Personal Trainer since 2004 (14yrs). I am strong, fit and healthy. I help other people become strong and fit, learn to run, lose weight, change their body. I am confident in my abilities as a PT.
I also have a complicated relationship with food. I like food, I enjoy eating. I am an emotional eater. I struggle with portion control. I have hormonal sugar cravings, often. I need to lose some weight (that was really hard to “type out loud”).
I struggle with the general perception that because I’m a PT, I shouldn’t have issues with food or weight……. practice what you preach etc. There are times when I feel like a bit of a fraud, even though I know I’m good at what I do and most importantly, I love what I do. But none of us are perfect, we are all flawed. There are doctors that smoke, builders who live in falling down houses, barrista’s who don’t drink coffee………I could go on.
The point is, we are not what we do. Before anything else, we are human. Each with our own strengths, weaknesses, skills, goals and dreams.
Recently, I had a shift in my relationship with food that has really made a difference for me. I thought I’d share it, just in case it made sense to others too. It happened almost by accident, I wasn’t looking for this.
I had some completely unrelated health issues that led to me seeing a dietician. And rather than providing me with a big list of ‘foods to avoid’, she told me what I need to eat – gave me a full list of food that I must include, daily or weekly. I do love a list, so that excited me!
For the 1st time in my life, I’m not focussed on what I need to limit or avoid (added sugar, fried food, saturated fat, white flour, alcohol).
Until recently, it went a bit like this: First I eat. Then I set about understanding/justifying (or dare I say, finding an excuse for) why I ate the chocolate/cake/takeaway/whatever – Is it hormonal? Emotional? Am I over-tired?
Then I move onto dealing with the guilt/shame/negative self-talk because I don’t like feeling crap about myself. So I tell myself “I’ll start again tomorrow”, “training will burn it off”………………… what does the tape in your head say?
This process takes a massive amount of energy. In fact it’s exhausting! This is one of the reasons I decided to write this post. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying not having to think about food all the time!
Back to the dietician. She gave me the following plan:
Eat oats daily.
Eat 8 walnuts daily.
Eat eggs with spinach, mushrooms, capsicum 2-3 times per week.
Eat oily fish at least 3 times per week, a portion of up to 150g.
When eating animal protein, eat no more than 120g.
Eat (only) whole grain bread/crackers/pasta.
Eat 2 pieces of fruit per day
Eat veg/salad twice each day
(Please note, this plan was specifically written for me, your list may look different to mine. It should not be considered not dietary advice).
So, now when I think about food it’s because I’m figuring out whether I’ve ticked off everything on my list for the day or week. I’ve always been pretty good at cooking good meals and having good food in the house, but now my focus is on making sure I get all the proper nutrition that I need instead of what treats I can have and then how to justify them.
I have realised that I’m enjoying food more, enjoying cooking more, enjoying looking for recipes that fit my plan. The sugar, salt, fat cravings have all but disappeared. I feel lighter, physically and emotionally! Any my frustrations around food have gone. I have more energy to put into looking after myself, my daughter, my business.
And I think this will change the way I speak about food with my lovely clients too.
Happy Sunday friends, Martine

Intermittent fasting (IF) is an umbrella term for various diets that cycle between a period of fasting and non-fasting. The real win with IF (in my opinion) are the numerous health benefits it brings. But a desirable and beneficial side effect (when combined with calorie restriction) is weight loss.

Experts believe (and are doing much testing to provide demonstrable proof) that IF reduces your risk of contracting many modern ailments and diseases including (but not limited to): cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes (a modern epidemic), high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

In basic terms, fasting allows your body to repair itself at a cellular level, boosting your immune system by removing stored toxins and damaged cells and generating new cells.   

Most popular IF protocols can be grouped into 3 categories: alternate day fasting, whole-day fasting, and time-restricted feeding.

Alternate day fasting involves a 24-hour fast followed by a 24-hour non-fasting period.

Whole-day fasting specifies various ratios of fasting to non-fasting days, such as the 5:2 diet in which people consumed 400–500 calories (women) or 500–600 calories (men) during the days of fasting. During feed days, the diet was regular.

Time-restricted feeding involves a set daily fasting period and shortened eating window of 3–12 hours. For example, one form of TRF calls for fasting for 16 hours each day and eating total daily calories during the remaining 8 hours, typically on the same schedule each day.

Please note: People with certain medical conditions are advised not to participate in IF. Please see your doctor to make sure IF is safe for you.

I should add that I think children need to have a good (protein based) breakfast each day but for adults I think we’ve been conned by the big marketing machine for cereal companies.


If you don’t plan your strategy and your meals you won’t succeed, I guarantee it.

What follows is a basic plan you might like to follow to give IF a go. There are many ways to fast, this is just one. Your exercise regime shouldn’t really impact fasting at this level but when you add a 24hr fast you may initially wish to choose days that you aren’t doing a high level of intense exercise.

Let me know how you go!


To Start

In the beginning I always suggest keeping a food diary for at least a week (2 or 3 is better). You can use a pen & paper, put it in an online doc or use an app (there are hundreds, I use myfitnesspal). The main reason for documenting everything you eat (very specifically) is that it will a) show you exactly how much you are eating and b) teach you about your food habits and behaviours. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t learn a lot about themselves from this exercise.

Feel free to email it to me and I’ll happily share my thoughts.

Fasting – A basic Plan

(This plan is designed with weight-loss in mind. Additional calories will be required to maintain current weight)

Week 1

During your 1st week of fasting, start gently by following the 16:8 method – Choose an 8hr window during each day,

EG: 11am – 7pm. You eat during these hours. You don’t eat outside of them.

People are often surprised by how easy this is. It doesn’t take much getting used to and, an additional benefit is how much easier your mornings are with 1 less thing to do! Feel free to have tea, coffee (black or with a dash of milk, not made with milk), water in the morning but no food.

Your day might look like this:

11am – a piece of fruit (100cal).

1pm – lunch – a protein with veg/salad (600cal).

3 or 4pm – snack – boiled eggs(2), or a handful of nuts (1 only), or 30g trail mix, or fruit/yoghurt, cheese & apple, apple or celery with nut butter (200cal).

6.30pm – dinner – a protein with veg/salad (600cal)

*lots of water, dehydration can happen more easily when fasting.

Week 2

During week 2, stick to your 16:8 hours and add in a 24hr fast. I’ve experimented with this and for me, the easiest way has been to fast from lunchtime to lunchtime.

Week 3 (and beyond)

Add a 2nd 24hr fast day. You can split the days or do them back to back with a big lunch in between. It’s up to you.


Hi all, 

I’m really excited to tell you that DEXA SCAN is coming to Central Park – Saturday June 17th from 7am. Only $69. 
Only 20 appointments available – get in touch asap to book. All welcome, clients, spouse, family, friends, colleagues.
DEXA SCAN is the most accurate way to analyse your body composition – lean tissue/muscle mass, basal metabolic rate (how many calories you burn each day), body fat (both % and actual, right down to the gram), bone mineral density and overall health. 
As we age, our bodies change. They don’t function as well as they used to and we often find we can’t eat the way we used to. We start to put on weight where we never carried it before. We worry about osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. The good news is that most of these conditions are related to your lifestyle. A DEXA SCAN can give you an accurate picture of your body, enabling you to make specific changes that prevent you from getting these conditions and, potentially add years to your life. 
How do I book?
  1. Buy your DEXA SCAN ($69) via mindbody (or ask me for bank acc details if not a client). 
  2. When I receive your payment I will send you the link to book your appointment. 
* the link will include a code to enter when making your booking. Please DO NOT pay again. 
What is the process?
The mobile van will be at Central Park (Kingston St) on Saturday June 17th. Appointments can be booked in 10 min intervals from 7am. 
The scan is completely private – only you and the technician are in the van. 
You will be asked to remove any jewellery and your shoes. You remain fully clothed. 
You will lie on the ‘bed’ of the scanner. The scan itself takes about 4 mins. 
Your results will be emailed to you (only) within about 30mins. 
I have included comprehensive information if you would like to know more:
Here are 3 videos discussing DEXA 

The first is brief. 

The second is a video discussing a sample report. 

The third is comprehensive – goes through everything. 

DEXA discussion is from 3:10 mins to 17:07 mins 

Hi all,

Please be advised that Early Risers will move undercover for the winter from next week – Tuesday 7th June. This morning’s near freezing temperature reminded me that it’s time!!

Sessions will be held as follows:

Tuesday & Thursday – Malvern Primary School, 17 Tooronga Rd Malvern East.

Friday – My Malvern East home studio – address provided upon booking.

No change – sessions will continue in Central Park as usual unless the weather is bad, in which case I will send the usual relocation text.

If you are ever in doubt, please remember that the correct location is always listed in the app – just go to the session you want & all info is there.

Also, a reminder also that the Unlimited Package cost will increase from July 1st for all existing clients to come into line with the new prices implemented in March.

Unlimited package terms and conditions for your information:

  • Unlimited contract is $35 per week (single) or $65 per week (couple)
  • Payment is via direct debit (bank transfer or credit card)
  • Payments may be made fortnightly or every 4 weeks.
  • Unlimited couples package may only be shared between partners/spouses.
  • Minimum contract term is 3 months from start date.
  • Contract may then be suspended for no less than 2 weeks upon receipt of notice of 7 days.
  • All contracts will be automatically suspended for duration of Christmas shutdown.

Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail

I’ve had several conversations following Easter about how hard it can be to regain your focus, your routine, your habits after a break.

Specifically, if you’re trying to lose weight it can be really demoralising if you feel you’ve undone all your hard work and can’t get back into the right headspace. The key is planning.

It doesn’t have to be ‘big’ planning – I’m not saying you need to plan for a full week. Just daily planning is a good start.

I get my best results when I take a minute each morning to think about how my day will look (with regard to food and exercise). I decide what I’m going to eat and at what time. I schedule my exercise. I doesn’t matter whether I’m eating at home or going out.

As long as I plan my day I know I will be able to make good choices. If I find myself getting hungry at 12pm, it’s easy to manage when I know I’ve got lunch to look forward to at 1pm. I have a glass of water and get busy until then.

For example, my plan yesterday (my day off) was to start the day with a 2km row and some leg work. Then I planned to have 2 hard boiled eggs at 10am. I knew I was going out for lunch so I made sure I didn’t have too much this morning. I ordered a beef salad for lunch & because I want today to be a really lean day I had a protein shake for dinner.

I didn’t struggle with cravings because I knew in advance what I was having. I wrote it all in my food diary. (The value of keeping food diary is huge, even for a few weeks).

Without that small amount of planning however, it is possible that I would have allowed myself to get really hungry and then had trouble making the right decision when out for lunch. Once it starts, most people will then write the day off and vow to start again tomorrow.
The problem with that is that you then feel disappointed with yourself. You may feel that you’ve ‘failed’ somehow. That feeling of disappointment is no good for your motivation and can have a destructive flow-on effect. It’s the reason many people don’t achieve their weight loss goals. We don’t like feeling bad about ourselves so it’s often easier to forget about your goals and just go back to out old habits. We tell ourselves we’ll try again soon.
Unfortunately it seems much easier to gain weight than lose it. Remember, you didn’t put it on overnight and you won’t take it off overnight.

There will be some small increases to M-Fit prices effective March 1st. Feel free to purchase sessions at the current price prior to this time. Not all prices have increased.

The Unlimited Plan will also incur a small increase BUT, all clients signed up the unlimited plan before March 1st will remain at the current rate until July 1st so JUMP ON IT NOW!!

Prices from March 1st 2016:

Early Risers Casual Rate $22
Early Risers 10 pack $180

Prams Casual Rate $25
Prams 10 pack $200
** Please note that the 5 pack and 20 pack (only available to original clients) will cease to be available from March 1st

Single  Unlimited Plan $35 per week
Couple Unlimited Plan $65 per week



Monday 7th March – Sunday 1st May  – COST $120

WINNER TAKES ALL! The participant that loses the most weight will win 4 weeks free unlimited sessions at M-Fit Group Fitness (value $140)


  • Suggested meal plans and food lists.
  • Online food diary and regular feedback on it.
  • Weekly educational email.
  • Advice, support and encouragement from me by email or phone whenever you need it.
Note: Personal Training/Group Sessions are not included in the program but may be purchased in addition to it.


I expect you to:

  • Commit to the program.
  • Weigh in weekly.
  • Complete food diary daily.
  • Achieve great things!
(Note: information specific to you is confidential and will not be shared)
              Karla lost 8kg!                       Athena lost 9kg!

 Let’s Get Started!

Please contact me ( to get started! Be prepared to answer some difficult questions honestly, acknowledge some failings and get real about where you’re at & what you want to achieve. Then get excited about making positive, lasting changes for YOU. It’s not just about this summer, it’s about all the summers to come.

Please forward to friends, family, colleagues & neighbors that may be interested.

What a couple of people have to say…

I signed up to the Prams in the Park 8 Week Challenge to get into the pre-baby shape I was battling to achieve by myself. My personalized plan was designed to fit into my schedule and the meal plans were so simple and easy. Martine provides fantastic support. Her encouragement and guidance was a huge driving force that lead to me achieving my goals. I now comfortably fit into the jeans that were often too tight pre-baby! I lost 4.5kg and 10cm off my waist! I could not be happier with the new, leaner, healthier me.

After the birth of my second child, I was finding it hard to lose the last five or so kilos of pregnancy weight. The 8-week Weight Loss Challenge with Martine McKee helped me not only lose nearly 8 kilos, but turn me onto a much healthier path with regard to my diet and exercise. The rest of my family will benefit from it too; no more ice cream for dessert every night – we’re all having fruit and yoghurt instead. Through the 8 weeks, Martine was a great source of knowledge and information as well as being supportive and caring. I got the feeling that she really wanted to help me reach my goal. I am feeling fitter, healthier and so much more confident. Thank you Martine!

Note: This program belongs entirely to Martine McKee at M-Fit Outdoor Group Fitness. The program and all communication, written and verbal are supplied for the exclusive use of the paying client. The material may not be distributed to any other person or reproduced in any way.