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The Prams in the Park experience is unlike any other. It isn’t just the general benefits of exercise that you’ll get; there’s so much more…

Affordable alternative

You’ll find my sessions are cheaper than a personal trainer. We train in small groups, but because I keep the numbers limited, you still receive the personal attention of a one on one session.

What’s more, you can bring your children to Prams in the Park sessions. This means no extra child care costs for you. And it means you don’t have to rely on someone else to be around to look after the kids. So it’s cost effective and time effective!


You choose the days and times that suit you! Prams in the Park runs five days a week at various starting times, and Early Risers runs three days a week. You book into the sessions that work for you; and it doesn’t have to be the same ones each week. That’s the beauty of it!

Lose weight but gain so much more!

Many clients sign up initially to lose weight. What they realise very quickly, is that my programs give so much more. You’ll quickly notice your strength and function improve. And, as you get stronger, your everyday tasks (housework, lifting children etc) become so much easier. Your body is less prone to injury and many clients notice that problem areas (bad backs etc) get better.

Also, as you increase muscle, your body burns more calories, making it easier to lose unwanted kilos.

Many clients intend to have more children and they’ll tell you that they’re in better shape now than ever before, making their next pregnancy, delivery and recovery much easier.

Socialise and have fun!

You’ll meet great people. Mums, dads, friends, family! Everyone’s welcome at our sessions. Early Risers sees a lot of dads, but Prams in the Park also has a great mix of mums and dads.

If you’re a new mum, Prams in the Park provides often craved adult company and conversation; a widened social network; excellent emotional support (many of our clients have formed strong friendships with other Prams clients) and the chance to feel part of something really great.

Get outside!

Babies and children love it, and there’s nothing better than exercising in the fresh air and beautiful surrounds of your local park. No mirrors, no walls, no sweaty benches. Breathe the air, feel the sun and be energised by the great outdoors!