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These days, time is precious, but seriously – so is our health! At Prams in the Park, I’ve created programs for busy people who understand the need for regular exercise, and want it to be part of their lifestyle.

I help you achieve your fitness goals – and then some. You’ll realise you’re much stronger than you thought, a lot fitter and a lot faster. You’ll also learn how to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.43.24 pmHello! I’m Martine, founder of Prams In The Park Personal Training.

A long time ago – while pursuing a completely different career path – a personal trainer was helping me overcome a work injury. I was frustrated from the injury, and worried I may not work again. So not only was I in physical pain, but I was also quite miserable.

Those sessions quickly became the best part of my week – my trainer not only helped me to regain my strength and fitness, but also to recapture an overall sense of wellbeing.

It was clear to me pretty quickly that I too, would love to instil this type of positivity in other people. And so, in 2004, Prams in the Park was born. A girlfriend talked about how life had changed for her when her son was born. She talked about craving adult conversation; about how getting out of the house wasn’t just a matter of grabbing her keys and handbag anymore; about baby-friendly environments, and about how hard it can be to find time and motivation to exercise after having a baby.

Achieving fitness and health goals can be hard; we often make a great start, then slip back into old habits. It can be disheartening and easy to give up – especially for new mums, worried they’re never going to lose their baby weight. I have my own child now so I really do understand those challenges.

I’m dedicated to helping people become stronger and fitter than ever, boosting their confidence and getting them in the best shape possible.

Since then Prams in the Park has evolved. I now offer a range of programs to mums, dads, friends and family. I’ll help you get into shape and achieve beyond your expectations.

Click here for your free trial session or call me on 0411 527 465 to make an enquiry.